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The Empress Kissed Me

In 1762, Mozart went to the Austrian court, where he meet the royal family, including Marie Antoinette, and played for them. The story of Mozart proposing to the young archduchess is just a legend, but the little child prodigy did get a kiss from the Empress. Here’s how Antonia Fraser recollects the visit in her

A Letter To The Dauphin Louis

As Marie Antoinette left Vienna, her mother, the Empress Maria Theresa decided to write a letter to her son-in-law, the dauphin Louis: Your bride, my dear dauphin, has just left me. I do hope that she will cause your happiness. I have brought her up with the design that she should do so, because I

Maria Theresa Of Austria

In his book, Joseph II: In the shadow of Maria Theresa, Derek Beals thus describes the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa: Maria Theresa was decidedly less attached of the old etiquette than her father had been. She mitigated it, and was often glad to take advantage of her pregnancies, and later of her widowhood, to modify