A Few Conundrums

What did people do for fun before the television and the internet were invented? A popular pasttime was trying and guessing riddles and conundrums. These could be quite complicated and take ages to solve, like I discovered when I came across a few conundrums in an old magazine. Fancy having a go at them too?

I picked the easiest ones, but a few of them can be quite challenging all the same. The answers are at the bottom of the post, but don’t look them up just yet! Try to solve them on your own! And let me know how well you did in the comments! And don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t do as well as you hoped. I only guessed a couple right!

1. What is that which we never hear; but of whose existence we have no means of judging but by our ears?
2. Why is a proud lady like a music book?
3. What is that which is above all human imperfections, and yet shelters the weakest and wisest, as well as the wickedest, of all mankind?
4. How can you add to 9 so as to make it 6?
5. The Emperor of Russia banished one of his nobles, for misconduct, to where God himself could not have banished him; where could that have been?
6. What burns to keep a secret?

1. Silence.
2. Because she is full of airs.
3. A hat.
4. Why, put an S to IX.
5. From his presence.
6. Sealing wax.

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