Book Reviews: Women Heroes Of The American Revolution, Behind Every Great Man, & Enough

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today’s books all celebrate women, and are a must read for all those who are interested in their stories and well-being. Here’s why:

Women Heroes of the American Revolution: 20 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Defiance, and Rescue by Susan Casey
The contribution women made to the American Revolution has been largely forgotten. Until now. Susan Casey has brought back to light the stories of 20 women who fought, in different ways, alongside men for the independence of their country. Their stories are divided in 5 sections, based on the role these women played. Supporters, like Mary Katherine Goddard, the publisher who first printed the Declaration of Independence with the names of the signatories. Spies, like Lydia Darragh, who passed information to George Washington. Saboteurs, like Sybil Ludington, who made a Paul Revere style ride to gather scattered troops to fight the enemy. Soldiers, like Deborah Sampson Gannett, who served, disguised as a man, in the Continental Army. The stories are beautifully illustrated with images of the heroines, while small sidebars help put their accomplishments, and the situations they found themselves in into context.
Some of the stories are so intertwined with, even submerged by, myths, that it is difficult to separate legends from reality. But, drawing from primary source documents and interviews with eminent historians, Casey did the best job she could under the circumstances.
My only complaint is that some stories are quite dry. Maybe that’s due to the substantial lack of information about some of the heroines, but half the stories failed to fully engage my attention. And it’s a shame, cos they involved some amazing accomplishments. If the writing style had been as exciting as the feats it describes, I would have given it a higher rating. But, even so, it is a fascinating little book that anyone interested in the history of women and/or the American Revolution should read.
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Rating: 3.5/5

Behind Every Great Man: Women in the Shadows of History’s Alpha Males by Marlene Wagman-Geller
Behind every great man, there’s a great woman. She  supports him, encourages him, fights with him, and helps him achieve his dreams. Yet, she’s often in the shadows, forgotten. Her contributions vanish from history, while the man takes all the credit for their success. Marlene Wagman-Geller thinks it’s high time we rectify that (I so agree!). In her new book, Behind Every Great Man, she brings back to life, and the spotlight, 40 women who stood, for better or worse, behind their alpha males.
The wide mix of women is fascinating. Some of them are tragic figures, others free spirits. Some were super patients, others evil. Some put up with all sorts of indignities to support their men, others were discarded after years of marriage for younger women. But they were all strong, passionate women, and all helped shaped their men’s destinies. Some of the women, like Constance Wilde and Eva Braun, are quite famous, but others, like Mrs C. S Lewis, Mrs Samuel Becket, and the first Mrs Albert Einstein, are familiar only to a very few. Until now.
Each chapter is short, and to the point, giving us just enough information to help us gain an understanding of who these women were, and what their relationships with their men were like. Wagman-Geller doesn’t gloss over their flaws, peccadilloes, and even crimes, but infuses their stories with a dash of humour that will have you laughing out loud.
Entertaining and informative, Behind Every Great Man is a must read for every fan of her-story.
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Rating: 4/5

Enough: 10 Things We Should Tell Teenage Girls by Kate Conner
Kate Conner is a 20 something year old mother, married to a pastor, who has been working with teens for years. One day, before going to church, she published on her blog a post titled “Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls”. The post quickly received more than two million views in two weeks. Its message struck a nerve and resonated with many people, so Conner decided to turn it into a book.
The book contains 10 sections, each of which expands on a point made in the blog post. Therefore Conner addresses issues such as modesty, tanning beds, drama and social media, and explains why following your heart is pretty much the worst advice ever. But the main theme of the book is being enough. We are already enough. Already beautiful. Already valuable.
Teenager girls usually just roll their eyes and tune out when adults start talking about these issues with them. No one likes preaching, teens least of all. But we all like to have someone in our corner. Conner is that someone. She’s funny, witty, and wise, and tells teens what they need to know in a language they can understand and appreciate. Yet, it’s unlikely they’ll pick up a copy on their own. That’s why this book is aimed mostly at mothers (or teachers, or guardians, or anyone else who cares for teen girls). Conner helps you figure out how to communicate with your teen and teach her valuable lessons in a way that won’t make anyone cringe.
Entertaining, truthful and inspiration, Enough is a transformative read that may change your teen’s life. I can’t recommend Enough enough!
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Rating: 4.5/5

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