Fashions For 1816 (Part 1)

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today’s fashion prints show us what fashionable women wore in 1816. I don’t particularly like this style of clothes, but it’s much better than the huge sleeves that will become popular in a few years’ time. What do you think?



This dress is composed of white lace, and is worn over a rich soft white satin slip. The skirt is trimmed, in a style of peculiar elegance, with lace festooned at regular distances; the festoons are edged by a plain band of byas satin, and finished by pearl ornaments of a very novel and pretty shape. The body, composed also of lace, is cut byas, and is richly ornamented round the bosom with pointed lace. Plain long sleeve, very full, except towards the wrist, which is nearly tight to the arm, and elegantly finished with lace. ., The hair, which is ornamented only with a wreath of French roses, is parted in front, and simply dressed in loose curls, which fall very low on each side. The hind hair forms a tuft at the back of the head. Necklace, ear-rings, and bracelets of pearl. White satin slippers, and white kid gloves. A blush-coloured French silk scarf is thrown carelessly over the shoulders. We are indebted for this very elegant and tasteful dress to a lady of rank, by whom it has been just introduced.



Round dress, composed of cambric, and trimmed with lace. The body is let in with a profusion of lace. Plain long sleeve, very full, except at the wrist, where the fullness is confined by small plaits: the sleeve is finished by a double frill of lace. Over this dress is a pelisse of blue and white shot sarsnet, lined with white sarsnet, and trimmed with white satin. For the form of the pelisse we refer our readers to our print. The sleeve, which is very full, is finished at the wrist by a cuff and bows of ribbon. The pelisse is made half high, and finished at the neck by a triple fall of rich lace: the throat is bare. White satin hat, of a form uncommonly novel and elegant; it is turned up a little in front, which gives it an air of peculiar smartness, and ornamented with flowers, disposed in a very novel and tasteful style. White kid gloves, and blue kid shoes. Parasol to correspond. We are indebted for this tasteful dress to Mrs. Gill, of Cork-street, Burlington-Gardens.


A Striped sarsnet gown, very richly trimmed round the bottom with a flounce of deep work, finished with a heading: a second flounce is set on at some distance, which is much narrower; it is also finished with a heading. Bows of Pomona green ribbon ornament the skirt a little above the flounce. The body is cut very low; it is full. The sleeve is long, very loose, and fancifully trimmed with bows of Pomona green ribbon, to correspond with the trimming of the skirt: the sleeve is finished by a very novel and pretty cuff of pointed lace. Fichu a la Duchesse de Berri, composed of white lace, which comes very high; but though it shades the neck in the most delicate manner, it does not by any means give an idea of dishabille; on the contrary, it might be worn in full dress. Hair cropped, and dressed in very full curls in the neck, and very full on the forehead. Striped kid slippers to correspond with the dress. White kid gloves. Necklace white cornelian, with a small gold cross. Ear-rings white cornelian.

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