Fashions For 1816

I’m really digging the fashions for 1816. Those horrible, super wide and huge sleeves that dominated the first half of the 19th century hadn’t made their appearance yet. And the dresses are pink! I’m a sucker for pink clothes. My wardrobe contains so many of them, so I think I would have fit right in. What about you?


The robe of pink, worn over a white satin slip flounced with crape, finished by blond. Bridal veil, fastened with a brooch of pearl and pink topazes, with the hair simply dressed in light curls and parted on the forehead. A muff formed of white satin and gossamer silk trimming. Necklace and armlets of pearls and pink topazes. White satin slippers and white kid gloves.


Slip of pink satin, ornamented down the front and border wilh black velvet in bias, under a robe of black satin richly flowered with black velvet down the sides; full sleeves of black satin ornamented with pink, over a chemisette sleeve of white sarsnet. Hat of fancy spotted straw, lined with pink satin, with a superb wreath of full blown roses. Shoes of white satin; and white kid gloves.

Which one would you have worn?

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