Fashions For 1829 (Part 5)

Hello everyone,

I’ve found two more fashion plates from the year 1829 and thought I’d share them with you. Aren’t these dresses very pretty? My favourite is the second one. I love the style, the feminine colour combination and the many feathers in the hat. I just can’t resist a nice feather hat. Here are the images. Enjoy!

Walking Dress

A dress of stone-colored gros de Naples, bordered by two flounces: the body plain, with sleeves a la Marie. A muslin pelerine is worn with this dress, trimmed round with broad lace, and surmounted at the throat by a full ruff of lace. The hat is of pink gros de Naples, trimmed with ribbon of the same color.

Evening Dress

A dress of rose-colored satin, with a very broad hem round the border, headed by points falling over, and trimmed round with narrow blond: over these are five very narrow stripes of black velvet. The corsage is a la Sevigne, with long white crape sleeves a l’imbecille, confined at the wrist by gold bracelets, fastened by a large Ceylon ruby set in gold, in a lozenge diamond. The head-dress is a beret of black velvet, tastefully adorned with pink ribbon and plumage.

Do you like these dresses?

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