Fashions For August 1832

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as we are in August now (I know, it’s the last day, but it’s still August) I thought it’d be interesting to see what fashions were popular this month in 1832. I find the ball and evening dresses very charming, particularly the child’s one. The poor little girl must have been very uncomfortable in the dress, but its bright colour and style are gorgeous indeed, don’t you think?


A dress of tulle over white satin; the skirt trimmed rather high, with a row of gauze ribbon points, each point terminating with a rosette. To each rosette of the lowest row is fastened a wreath of convolvulus, set diagonally, and reaching to the bottom of the hem. Cartage uni of blue satin, pointed, and open in front, and laced with a row of pearls; it is cut square round the top, and finished round the bust with a tucker a l’Italienne. The hair is dressed in rich plaits and ringlets; pearl jewellery, white satin gloves and shoes.


An open dress of fawn-coloured figured silk; the body is crossed in front, and only half-high. Simple gigot sleeve, very full. Pelerine en mantille of blonde or embroidered tulle; tied round the throat with a fichu of ribbon. Hat of white moire, trimmed with fumee gauze ribbon beautifully figured, and a bunch of blush roses; a single rose is placed within the brim, on one side of the curls. 


Of white satin. Corsage pointed à la Marie Stuart; with a Sevigne drapery of tulle across the bust, confined by five straps of satin, finished by a beautiful bouton of silk; a row of cogues of white satin ribbon heads the sleeve, which is of tulle, over a short beret sleeve of satin; the cuff is of plaited satin, edged with a rouleau, and a narrow blonde manchette; the trimming of the skirts, which is placed rather low, consists of separate bends of three rouleaux, with a bow of satin ribbon at each end. Beret of blue crape, cut en carur on one side; the front of the brim is turned up, and fastened backwards with a diamond or pearl brooch, from which issues a bunch of feathers, which fall gracefully on either side.


A frock of pink mousseline de soie, embroidcred in black floss silk; the corsage is cut very low en coeur, and the cape, which has five deep points on the shoulder, is embroidered to match the skirt. Tucker of muslin, confined by a pink ribbon. Black satin shoes, and echarpe of crape.

Further reading:
The Royal lady’s magazine, and archives of the court of St. James’s, 1832

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