George Stubbs’ Horse Portraits


Aristocrats didn’t just commission portraits of themselves and their families. They also commissioned portraits of their beloved horses. In the 18th century, the man for the job was George Stubbs, a Liverpudlian painter with a fondness for these magnificent animals, which he perfectly captured in his pictures. Here are a few examples:

Bay Horse With A Groom

Captain Samuel Sharpe Pocklington With His Wife Pleasance And His Sister Frances

Countess Of Conings By Livery Of Charlton

George IV When Prince Of Wales

Horse And Rider

William Banderson With Two Saddle Horses

Baron De Robeck Riding A Bay Hunter

Joseph Smyth Esq Lieutenant Of Whittlebury Forest

Mares & Foals

Wedgwood And His Family

John and Sophia Musters Riding At Colwick Hall

The Phaeton Of The Prince Of Wales

Bay Horse And White Dog

Molly Long Legs With Her Jockey
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