Historical Reads: Elizabeth Campbell

Heather Carroll remembers actress Elizabeth Campbell, nee Gunning, who went on to marry the richest men in Scotland. To quote:

Elizabeth and her sister may not have necessarily been good actors, but they did become very popular and were soon known as “The Beauties.” Even Peg Woffington was seen with the Gunning sisters. As proof of just how popular Elizabeth was, when James Duke of Hamilton (who had just been jilted by Elizabeth Chudleigh) met Elizabeth he wanted to marry her that night, and marry her he did. He called a local parson who refused to marry the couple without a license or even a ring. This didn’t deter the lovestruck duke who brought Elizabeth to Mayfair Chapel and with a bed curtain ring, made her his duchess in a clandestine ceremony. Oh the scandal! It all seemed way to easy. A mere actress who couldn’t even afford her own trousseau was now one of the grandest Duchesses in Scotland.

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