How to Get a Job in 7 Star Hotel

If you are someone who is making your career in the hotel industry then your aim may be to get a job in a 7 start hotel. Getting a job in such reputed hotels is not a simple thing and also it needs you to really put a great amount of effort. It is never easy to make a good career in any niche and also it holds true for the hotel industry. If you are someone who is aspiring to enter this field and get job in a popular 7 start hotel then here are the tips that may help you through out your journey.


Qualification and Experience

Studying in a good institution can make a huge difference in your career. If you are aspired to do job in a 7 star hotel then try to choose a reputed institution for completing any course related with the hotel industry. There are certain good institutions that provide you with the chance to showcase your talents to the big shots in the hotel industry so that it is much easier for you to get a job. Choice of the institution needs to be made with good amount of research and also advices from the people around. If you have studied in an institution that could not provide you with an opportunity to be hired in a 7 star hotel as a fresher then the best possible way you can enter one is through your experience. Your aim should always be to have good years of experience working in hotel industry with some popular hotels so that your resume gets good value. Try to make achievements so that you get benefited for the same in the future. Your work history and the achievements that you make can really help you a lot in getting a job with a good 7 star hotel.

Soft skills

Hospitality industry is something that demands candidates with good soft skills. It is necessary for you to enhance the soft skills so that you present yourself well in front of the guests. The 7 star hotels expects to choose such individuals who can be really good with the customers so that they feel like coming back to the same place in the future. You always need to be really good enough in the way you tackle the questions put forward in such a way that you give emphasize to your soft skills.


Do not mistook personality with your appearance. Your personality is the sum total of the way you expresses yourself. It includes your dressing, your behavior as well as mannerism. If you want to get the best job in the 7 star hotel then you need to enhance your personality in such a way that you are attractive and also more suitable for the job. You should enhance and also equip yourself with skills in such a way that your employer feels that you are the right candidate for the job. You also need to focus on your language.