Mother And Child

The Kite by Charles Sims

The birthday cake by Franz Verhas

Madame Georges Hugo and her son Jean by Giovanni Boldini

Mother And Child by Émile Lévy

The Bedtime Story by Arthur Elsley

Like No Other Love by Zula Kenyon

A Kiss Goodnight by Frederick Daniel Hardy

Mother and Child by Mary Cassatt

Mother and Child by William Rothenstein

Madame Monet And Her Son by Claude Monet

Motherhood by Vicente Romero Redondo

Mrs Edwards With Her Four Children And The Nanny by Giovanni Boldini

Her Littlest One by Marie Danforth Page

Young Mother In The Garden by Mary Cassatt

Mother and Daughter by Edward Verschaffelt

The First Born by Marie Aimée Eliane Lucas-Robiquet

Mother Love by Paul Peel

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