Prince Albert’s Dedication To His Pregnant Wife

In her journal, Queen Victoria (speaking of herself in the third person) described her husband’s devotion to her during her pregnancies:

During the time the Queen was laid up, his care and devotion were quite beyond expression. He refused to go to the play, or anywhere else; generally dining alone with the Duchess of Kent, till the Queen was able to join them, and was always on hand to do anything in his power for her comfort. He was content to sit by her in a darkened room, to read to her or write for her. No one but himself ever lifted her from her bed to her sofa, and he always helped to wheel her on her sofa into the next room. For this purpose he would come instantly when sent for from any part of the house. As years went on, and he became overwhelmed with work, this was often done at much inconvenience to himself (for his attentions were the same in all the Queen’s subsequent confinements), but he always came with a sweet smile on his face. In short, his care of her was like that of a mother, nor could there be a kinder, wiser, or more judicious nurse.

If more fathers-to-be were like that!

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