Princess Charlotte Of Wales Imitates Her Uncle

In his memoirs, Fifty Years Of My Life, George Thomas Keppel, 6th Earl of Albemarle, and a childhood friend of Princess Charlotte of Wales, recalls how the young girl used to imitate her maternal uncle, the German Duke Of Brunswick:

It was not long after his return that I met the Duke at Warwick House a sad and somewhat stern-looking man with sunken eyes and bushy eyebrows, and, what was then seldom seen in England, a pair of mustaches. The demeanour of the uncle and niece were the very opposites. His, sedate and silent; hers, impulsive and voluble. He seemed well satisfied to be a listener, and to be much interested in the Princess’s lively and careless prattle. On her part she almost worshipped him. Once, after a visit from the Duke, she improvised a mustache, swaggered up and down the room, then making a sudden stop, with arms akimbo, she uttered some German expletives which would probably have hardly borne a translation, and thus sought to give you her conception of
a ” Black Bruiiswicker!”

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