Short Book Reviews: Poirot Investigates, The Underdog And Other Stories & A Caribbean Mystery

Hello everyone,

today I’m reviewing three books from one of my favourite crime writers, Agatha Christie. Enjoy!

Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie
Poirot Investigates is the very first collection of short stories featuring Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings. Together, they will try and solve all kinds of crimes including a suspicious death in a locked room, the abduction of a Prime Minister, a missing will, a million dollar bond robbery and why a flat is so mysteriously cheap. Christie’s short stories aren’t as good as her novels, simply because they are, well… short. Because of lack of space, the plots, although creative, aren’t overly-complicated and the characters are only a few so it’s quite easy in most cases to guess who the culprit is. In fact, I’m surprised that even Hastings didn’t guess right a few times. The best part of the book for me is reading about the relationship between Hastings and Poirot. They’re such good friends and work so well together. It’s a delight to spend time in their company. And Christie’s writing is as wonderful as ever. Overall, this collection is a nice way for Poirot’s fans to spend an evening with their favourite detective.
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Rating: 3.5/5

The Underdog And Other Stories by Agatha Christie
The Underdog And Other Stories is a collection of nine short stories, all featuring Hercule Poirot, of which The Underdog is the longest (and in my opinion the best one too). This book is very similar to the one above so I’ll keep this short. The stories are all well thought-out and plotted, but the lack of characters and length often make it easy to guess who the criminal is. All the stories are also well-written but if you’re new to Agatha Christie, then know that her books are a lot better. I don’t think her short stories are a great introduction to her work, but they are a wonderful introduction to Poirot as we get to know his work method and all his little peculiarities and characteristics.
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Rating: 3.5/5

A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie
Miss Marple’s newphew sends her to a Caribbean resort for a much needed holiday, but even there she stumbles onto a crime. The victim is old Major Palgrave. He’s about to show Miss Marple the picture of a serial killer when something – or someone – catches his eye. He stops, then changes the subject. The next day, he’s dead. Everyone seems to think he died of natural causes but Miss Marple is not convinced and starts to investigate. The book is full of red herrings, mistaken identities and false clues that should distract the reader, keeping them to wonder who the murderer is. However, if you’ve read a few Christie novels before, figuring out who the culprit is isn’t too hard. The story is also more slow-paced and lighter than most Miss Murple mysteries, but is written extremely well and is a pleasure to read. It’s not my fave Miss Marple book, but if you’re a fan of this old lady, then you’ll enjoy it very much.
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Rating: 4/5

Have you read these books? What did you think of them?

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