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Fashions For Summer 1832

Hello everyone, today we’re gonna take a look at what fashionable English women would have worn in the summer of 1832. I have to say I don’t care much for the carriage dresses. There’s just too much going on with them, although the colours are pretty. But the other outfits are simply gorgeous, don’t you

Fashions For August 1832

Hello everyone, as we are in August now (I know, it’s the last day, but it’s still August) I thought it’d be interesting to see what fashions were popular this month in 1832. I find the ball and evening dresses very charming, particularly the child’s one. The poor little girl must have been very uncomfortable

Fashions For Autumn 1832

Hello everyone, today we’re gonna talk about fashion. Fashions for Autumn 1832, that is. I’ve found some beautiful images of dresses that would have been fashionable at the time and I hope you’ll like them. I have to say I’m not a fan of the huge sleeves that were so popular in that year, but