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The Dutch Toy

Before her marriage to Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, Princess Charlotte of Wales, the heiress to the British throne was betrothed to Prince William, the Hereditary Prince Of Orange. That was an union the Princess, much to her father’s chagrin, had never been too keen on. Both her mother’s hatred for the Orange family, and her

Painting The Regency

The Request Born during the Victorian era, Edmund Blair Leighton was an English painter of historical genre scenes, specializing in Regency and medieval subjects. His paintings aren’t always accurate, and the discerning eye can spot lots of anachronistic details. But accuracy wasn’t the painter’s intent. He wanted to capture the romance and nostalgia attached to

Mother And Child

The Kite by Charles Sims The birthday cake by Franz Verhas Madame Georges Hugo and her son Jean by Giovanni Boldini Mother And Child by Émile Lévy The Bedtime Story by Arthur Elsley Like No Other Love by Zula Kenyon A Kiss Goodnight by Frederick Daniel Hardy Mother and Child by Mary Cassatt Mother and

Celebrity Sightings At Vauxhall Gardens

Vauxhall Gardens, a pleasure garden located in Kennington on the south bank of the River Thames, was one of the leading venues for public entertainment in London, from the mid-17th century to the mid-19th century. Initially entrance was free. The owners made money by selling food and drinks. But as its attractions expanded, an admission

George Stubbs’ Horse Portraits

Whistlejacket Aristocrats didn’t just commission portraits of themselves and their families. They also commissioned portraits of their beloved horses. In the 18th century, the man for the job was George Stubbs, a Liverpudlian painter with a fondness for these magnificent animals, which he perfectly captured in his pictures. Here are a few examples: Bay Horse

A Game Of Tennis

The Tennis Match by Horace Henry Cauty A Game Of Tennis by John Strickland Goodall A Game Of Tennis by John Strickland Goodall Tennis by John Lavery A Game Of Tennis by Leopold Franz Kowalski A Game Of Tennis by Francis Sydney Muschamp A Game Of Tennis by George Goodwin Kilburne A Game Of Tennis

Woman In Green

Camille by Claude Manet Margarett by George Dunlop Leslie Girl With A Red Umbrella by Herbert Gustave Schmalz A Lady by Irving Ramsey Wiles Lady With A Dog by Mather Brown Portrait Of A Young Lady by Gilbert Stuart The Green Dress by William McGregor Paxton Woman In Green Dress by Lee Lufkin Kaula Lady


Santa Clause by Thomas Nast Betlehemes készülődés by Böhm Pál Christmas Comes But Once A Year by Charles Green Merry Christmas (Yuletide Revels) by William Glackens Christmas customs in Norway by Adolph Tidemand Christmas Carols in Little Russia by Konstantin Trutovsky Christmassy table of gifts for a girl, author unknown The Christmas Party, attributed to