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Can You Identify This Art Work?

Hello everyone, how beautiful is this print? Robert, one of my readers, inherited it years ago from his grandmother. But he doesn’t know anything about it, and so, curious to find out how it’s called and who created it, turned to me for help. I did a research, but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to discover

At The Milliner’s

A Milliner’s Shop, 1787 At the milliner’s Ladies at the Milliners by Alonso Perez The Milliner’s Shop by James Tissot The Milliner on the Champs Elysees by Jean Beraud At The Milliner’s by Edgar Degas, 1882 The Millinery Shop by Edgar Degas, 1885 Two Milliners Rue du Caire by Paul Signac The Hat Makers by

The Lecture By William Hogarth

In 1736, Hogarth created a satirical print in which he ridiculed the university of Oxford. Its students were accused to be ignorant and lazy, more interested in having fun that studying. Doesn’t sound much different from today, does it? Here’s how John Trusler, in his The Works of William Hogarth, describes this satirical print: “No

Kora of Sicyon

It is a well-authenticated fact that in the Greek city of Sicyonia, about the middle of the seventh century before Christ, there lived the first woman artist of whom we have a reliable account. Her story has been often told, and runs in this wise: Kora, or Callirhoë, was much admired by the young men

Four Times Of The Day by William Hogarth

Four Times Of The Day is a series of paintings, which were later engraved, by William Hogarth. Unlike some of his other series, such as A Harlot’s Progress or Industry And Idleness, the Four Times Of The Day don’t tell the story of an individual, but depicts scenes of London life as the day progresses.

Anne Seymour Damer

Born in 1748 in a Whig family, Anne Conway was the daughter of Henry Seymour Conway, a cousin of Horace Walpole. The little girl was given a good education. Her favourite subject was art history. In particular, she was fascinated by sculpture and the idea that she could create something original with wet clay, hard

Rosalie Filleul

Born Anne-Rosalie Bouquet in Paris in 1753, she was the daughter of Blaise Bouquet, the owner of a bric-a-brac shop and an ornamental painter. Rosalie inherited a talent for art, which she showed at a very early age. Her favourite medium was pastels, because of their fresh and delicate colours. In the 1770s, when she

The Months By Robert Dighton

In around 1785, Robert Dighton, an English caricaturist, print-seller and actor, produced 12 allegorical representations of The Months. Each plate depicts a woman wearing an outfit and doing an activity that is appropriate for the month she represents. Here they are. As always, click on the pictures to enlarge them. JANUARY A woman, seated in

In The Garden

Mr. And Mrs. Andrews, by Thomas Gainsborough Sir George and Lady Strickland in the Park in Boynton Hall by Arthur Devis Sir Nathaniel and Lady Caroline Curzon, by Arthur Devis A detail of The English Garden In Caserta, by Jacob-Philippe Hackert A Tender Moment In The Garden, by Federico Andreotti Lady in a Garden by