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Exhibition Stare Case

Victims of the steep staircase reveal all, says the heading of this satirical print. The steep staircase was located at Somerset House (now the Courtland Institute of Art) in Pall Mall, where members of the Royal Academy exhibited their paintings. Designed in 1776 by Sir William Chambers, who had been commissioned to create a new

Rainy Day

Passer Payez, Louis Leopold Boilly, about 1803 Rain Shower in Patenkirchen, Heinrich Bürkel, 1838 Rue de Paris, temps de pluie, Gustave Caillebotte, 1877 Entering the Bullring, Rain, Eugenio Lucas Villaamil, about 1885  Kutschenfahrt im Regen, Heinrich Gottfried Wilda, 1886 Rain Storm, Union Square, Childe Hassam, 1890 Rain in an oak forest, Ivan Shishkin, 1891 L’

The Bad Taste Of The Town, Or Masquerades And Operas

Hogarth was an avowed patriot who was concerned about the spread of foreign fashions in England. In his print, The Bad Taste Of the Town, also known as Masquerades And Operas, he attacked the Italian operas and singers that were displacing classic English theater and the masquerade dances thrown by the Swiss impresario Heidegger, which

Maria Cosway

Self-portrait Maria Hadfield was born on 11 June 1760 in Leghorn, where her father, an Englishman, acquired a fortune as an innkeeper (his three inns in Tuscany were frequented by noblemen taking the Grand Tour). Her mother was Italian. The Cosways had eight children, but only four survived childhood. The other four were killed by

Fairy Tales Illustrations By Edmund Dulac

Born in 1822, Edmund Dulac was a French illustrator who became famous for his enchanting illustrations of fairy tales. He had shown a talent for drawing since early childhood so, in 1900, he quit his law studies to enroll at the École des Beaux Arts. He them moved to London, where he was an instant

John Bull In Clover & John Bull Done Over

In 1819, England was facing an economic crisis. The conditions of the country were summed up in a double print, “John Bull In Clover” & “John Bull Done Over”, published by Fores on 9th January. In the first print, a fat John Bull is having a great time. He’s smoking a pipe and drinking a

William Hogarth Paints David Garrick

David Garrick was one of the most famous actors of his time. One of the roles that helped to establish his reputation was that of Richard III. His friend William Hogarth, a skilled portraitist as well as a witty satirist, painted him in the character of the last Plantagenet king. To be precise, the painting

The Invasion; Or, France And England

English artist William Hogarth was a patriotic man who deeply disliked France. He showed his feelings about the two rival countries in two prints entitled “The Invasion; Or, France And England”. Let’s take a close look at them, shall we? Oh, and don’t forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them. FRANCE With lantern

Rosa Bonheur

Portrait de Marie-Rosalie dite Rosa Bonheur by Édouard Louis Dubufe Marie Rosalie Bonheur was born in Bourdeaux in 1822 into a poor but artistic family. Her mother was a piano teacher, while her father, Oscar-Raymond Bonheur, a landscape and portrait painter who believed that women should be educated as well as men. Raymond gave Rosa,