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Susan Herbert’s Historical Cats

If you’re a cat lady with a penchant for art and history, chances are you have already heard of Susan Herbert. I’ve only discovered her works recently and I’ve fallen in love with them. Susan Herbert is a “cat artist”. She paints cats, but not real cats chasing mice, lying in front of the fire

Progress Of The Toilet

In 1810, British caricaturist James Gillray created a series of engravings titled Progress Of The Toilette, showing how a Regency lady would get dressed for the different engagements she had to attend throughout the day. There are so many details in these pictures, giving us an accurate insight about the time a lady spent at

Marriage A La Mode by William Hogarth

English painter, engraver and cartoonist William Hogarth is one of my favourite artists. His moral and social works ruthlessly but wittily depict the evils of his time, giving us amazing insights into the world of 18th century England. One of his best known works is called Marriage A La Mode. A series of six paintings,

Mrs. Jens Wolff by Sir Thomas Lawrence

Sir Thomas Lawrence worked on his painting, Mrs Jens Wolff, for more than 12 years. In 1815, when it was finally completed, it was exhibited at the Royal Academy, where it held the place of honour. It was also the only portrait of a woman at that exhibition. The sitter, Isabella Wolff was one of

Portraits Of Marie Antoinette’s Sisters by Liotard

Jean-√Čtienne Liotard was a Swiss-French versatile artist famous for his pastel drawings. In 1742 he went to Vienna to paint the portraits of the royal family. His works were well-liked and, in 1762, he returned to the city to draw more portraits of the 11 royal children. Here are those of the archduchesses, Marie Antoinette’s

Rosalba Carriera

Rosalba Carriera was born in Venice on 12 January 1673. She manifested an artistic temperament from a very early age, when, rather than playing games or indulging in other amusements loved by children, she preferred to weave lace. Her father loved drawing, and Rosalba, once entered adolescence, started to follow his example. At first, she

Taste In High Life

Mary Edwards of Kensington, a young heiress, was considered eccentric. She had married a son of the fourth Duke of Hamilton, but dumped him when she realised how profligate he was. Mary was more careful with money and often wore old-fashioned clothes. Tired of being ridiculed for it, in 1742 Mary commissioned Hogarth to paint

Royal Coffee Set

This beautiful coffee set is decorated with portraits of members of the French royal family and was made around 1778-1779. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? Here are more pictures: Coffee-pot with portraits of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Milk jug with images of the Count and Countess of Provence. A covered sugar-pot decorated with images of

Tristram And Fox

Thomas Gainsborough, the famous English painter, loved dogs and often included them in his paintings. Sometimes, they were even the main subject, like in this picture, above, titled Tristram and Fox. Tristram and Fox were two very special dogs: they were Gainsborough’s. After painting their portrait, the artist hung it in the place of honour