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Court Dress, 1820

I was recently browsing an old edition of the Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions &c, as you do, when I came across this beautiful court dress, accessorized with a multitude of ostrich feathers to hide the hair. I fell in love with it straight away, and just knew I had to share it. Here’s how

Marie Antoinette’s Beauty & Fashion Secrets

Marie Antoinette was famous for her beautiful looks and charm, but such beauty, as women know all too well, is rarely natural. It often requires a little helping hand. And, as Queen of France, Marie Antoinette had many people, and a huge budget, to help her look her best. Yet, her tastes were simple. And

Fashions For 1842

What did fashionable ladies wear in 1842? Here are a few examples: EVENING DRESS Pekin dress. The corsage is made to fit closely to the shape, with a slight slope at the ceinture; the corsage is also embellished at the upper part with a berthe of point lace. The sleeves are laid in close gathers

Rose Bertin, Minister Of Fashion

Chanel. Dior. Givenchy. Gaultier. Today French fashion designers are renowned and loved the world over. But the first to be celebrated, and to bring haute couture to the forefront of popular culture was a poor but ambitious young woman, Rose Bertin. Born on 2 July 1747 at Abbeville, Picardy, Rose moved to Paris to try

Marie Louise’s Wedding Dress

On 2 April 1810, Marie Louise Of Austria walked down the aisle at the “Salon CarrĂ©” turned chapel, in the Palais De Tuileries, to marry Napoleon, the man she had been thaught to hate since she was little. To add to her uneasiness, she wore a dress entirely chosen and made for her in France

Hair Fashions In Ancient Rome

(C) Shakko The 1816 edition of the Belle Assemblee featured a very interesting article about the headdresses of some of most famous women in ancient Rome, and how hair fashions changed throughout the centuries. Here it is: FAUSTINA, WIFE OF THE EMPEROR ANTONINUSShe knew how to arrange her hair in the most elegant manner, without

Fashions For 1816

I’m really digging the fashions for 1816. Those horrible, super wide and huge sleeves that dominated the first half of the 19th century hadn’t made their appearance yet. And the dresses are pink! I’m a sucker for pink clothes. My wardrobe contains so many of them, so I think I would have fit right in.

In her footsteps

“Female fashionable attire in the eighteenth century was very ill fitted for country life, which is so largely spent out of doors. Indeed, it was not fitted for out door wear at all. No fashionable woman was properly shod in the first place, for the coloured shoes, which, as has been stated, all ladies wore,

Fashions For 1818 (Part 2)

Hi ladies, curious to see what we would have worn in the spring and summer of 1818? Let’s take a look: MARCH ENGLISH WINTER CARRIAGE COSTUME Round dress of fine cambric muslin, superbly embroidered round the border in three distinct rows. Pelisse of rich Tobine silk striped, of Christmas holly-berry colour and bright grass green,

5 Fashion Trends Inspired By The French Revolution

Once the Terror was finally over, the survivors felt the need to celebrate and live life to the full. The following years were marked by an outbreak of luxury, decadence, and even silliness. But the past couldn’t be easily forgotten. Perhaps it was the need to exorcise it that prompted many women to create and