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Pouf Aux Insurgents

  Madame Bertin’s creations were often inspired by contemporary political events. Here’s an example: At the end of 1777 the hair was dressed in the fashion called The Insurgents. “It was,” says the author of the “Memoires Secret,” an allegory, made up of the disturbances between England and America. The first was a snake, so

Fashions For 1855

During the years I showed you a lot of fashion prints that appeared in old magazines to give you an idea of what fashionable ladies would have once worn, but they mostly were from the Regency period. So, when I came across this print of Victorian fashions, I just had the share it: Blue glacé

The Art Of Wearing A Train

Fashion has long been trying to impress its fair votaries with the extreme folly of wearing a training dress in the dirty streets, or of applying to an everyday toilette what really belongs only to a court costume, and that only on gala-days, for in ordinary every-day life, trains are not worn even at court.

Fashions For 1830 (Part 1)

Hello everyone, I haven’t posted any fashion plates in a while, and it’s time to remedy that. I’ve recently found some lovely ones, including an image with a young mother and her two children. It is quite rare to come across such tender images in fashion illustrations, and I hope you will enjoy it. And


When at home, having breakfast, playing cards, or just relaxing with a good book, Georgian and Regency men would slip into something more comfortable: a banyan. An informal dressing gown also known as Indian gown, it was made in a comfortable, loose, full kimono style. Over the decades, though, the style become more fitted and

Fashions For 1821

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I present you with a couple of fashionable outfits the well-dressed English lady would have worn in 1821. I particularly love the court dress, it is so beautiful, don’t you think? WALKING DRESS A Cambric muslin round dress; the bottom of the skirt is trimmed with a flounce of scolloped

Restrictions In The Dress Of Apprentices, In 1600

Apprentices were not allowed to wear hats, nor any other covering on the head but a woollen cap; no ruffles, cuffs, loose collars, nor anything more than a ruff at the collar, and that only a yard and a half long. Their doublets were to be of fustian, sackcloth, canvas, English leather or woollen, without

7 Perfumes Inspired By Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette and perfumes have long been two obsessions of mine. So I’m always thrilled when I come across a perfume inspired by the charming Queen of France, and she has inspired a lot of them! Not surprisingly, they are all floral concoctions that pay homage to both her fragrant gardens in bloom and her