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The Balm Of Mecca

This is a liquid resin, of a whitish color, approaching to yellow, with a strong smell, resembling that of a lemon; a pungent and aromatic taste. It is likewise called balm of Judea, white balm of Constantinople, balm of Egypt, balm of Grand Cairo, and Opobalsamum. It is one of the most highly esteemed cosmetics,

Robes A La Francaise

Robe a la francaise ca. 1770-79, from the Victoria & Albert Museum One of my favourite styles of dress is the Robe A La Francaise, which was very popular during the 18th century. Here’s how the Met Museum describes it: The robe à la française was derived from the loose negligee sacque dress of the

Historical Reads: Suffragette Style

Over at Edwardian Promenade, guest blogger Lucy Adlington discusses suffragette fashion. To quote: More generally, the tactic of adopting all-white ensembles in mass public rallies was hugely dramatic and it gave women a tremendous sense of solidarity. The militant Women’s Social Political Union went one step further and promoted specific WSPU colours. White was for

M. Beaulard, The Inventor Of The Bonnet A La Bonne Maman

Madame Bertin wasn’t the only popular dressmaker in France. Monsier Beaular was a talented designer with a lively imagination too. He was often criticised for it, but his clients loved his artistic and unusal creations: The following lines written by Meister in his’Correspond ance Litteraire” for November, 1774, are a proof: “If ever a book

Victorian Wedding Dresses

I love wedding dresses. I’ve been fantasizing about what I’d wear to walk down the aisle (not that that’s gonna happen anytime soon) ever since I was a little girl and Yes To The Dress is one of the few TV shows that I devour these days. My tastes veer towards romantic, feminine and vintage

Fashions For 1812

Hello ladies, I haven’t posted any fashion plates in ages. Time to remedy that, don’t you think? Here are a few that shows us what a fashionable lady would have worn in the first half of 1812: FEBRUARY EVENING COSTUME An amber crape dress Out white sarsnet, trimmed with pearls or white beads, with a

The Beauty Secrets Of A 19th Century Lady Of Distinction

The secret of preserving beauty lies in three things:—Temperance, Exercise, Cleanliness. […] Temperance includes moderation at table, and in the enjoyment of what the world calls pleasures. A young beauty, were she fair as Hebe, and elegant as the Goddess of Love herself, would soon lose these charms by a course of inordinate eating, drinking,

Marie Antoinette’s Jewels

Marie Antoinette loved jewels, and often got in trouble for it (even when she refused to purchase them!). During the years, she had amassed a sumptuous collection, most of which was unfortunately lost during the French Revolution. The pieces which Marie Antoinette managed to save with the help of faithful and trusted friends, and some