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Book Review: Madame De Lamballe by Georges Bertin

The Princess De Lamballe, a close friend of Marie Antoinette, was one of the most famous victims of the French Revolution. Because of it, I’ve always found it odd that there aren’t many biographies written about this tragic and fascinating figure. So, when I’ve found “Madame De Lamballe” by Georges Bertin, which is available for

Book Review: The Riddle Of St. Leonard by Candace Robb

  Synopsis:Medieval York is wrapped in a dangerous riddle that only Owen Archer can unfurl. The fetid summer heat of 1369 has the citizens of York besieging Owen Archer’s apothecary wife, Lucie, for physicks against noxious vapors. But more than pestilence is in the air. Owen is summoned to investigate the theft of rare treasures

Book Review: Me And The Ugly C By Becky Dennington

Synopsis:She never thought it would happen to her.But it did.At the age of thirty-five, Becky Dennington was diagnosed with non-invasive and invasive ductal carcinoma. Breast cancer. In an instant, her life changed all because of a single word she couldn’t even bring herself to say out loud. The ugly C word.Share in the journey of