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Louise & Artois

The Comte d’Artois, younger brother of Louis XVI, loved beautiful women, but only one completely captured his heart. Her name was Louise d’Esparb├Ęs de Lussan. Born in 1764, Louise lost her mother shortly after her birth. Her grandmother raised her until she was 12, when she was then sent to the convent of Panthemont, where

On King Charles X Of France And Maligned Royals

In a letter to her niece, Princess Victoria, Leopold I of the Belgians remembers the unfortunate King of France Charles X and muses on the injustices history, newspapers, and ignorant politicians do to royals: Laeken, 18th November 1836 … Poor Charles X. is dead, it is said of the cholera. I regret him; few people

Marie Therese Of France: Restoration

On 18 June 1815, Napoleon was defeated once and for all at the battle of Waterloo. The French royal family could now return home again. But although the King, Louis XVIII, requested his niece Marie Therese to be at his side when he entered France on 8 July, she didn’t return until the 27th. And