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Mother And Child

The Kite by Charles Sims The birthday cake by Franz Verhas Madame Georges Hugo and her son Jean by Giovanni Boldini Mother And Child by Émile Lévy The Bedtime Story by Arthur Elsley Like No Other Love by Zula Kenyon A Kiss Goodnight by Frederick Daniel Hardy Mother and Child by Mary Cassatt Mother and

Woman In Green

Camille by Claude Manet Margarett by George Dunlop Leslie Girl With A Red Umbrella by Herbert Gustave Schmalz A Lady by Irving Ramsey Wiles Lady With A Dog by Mather Brown Portrait Of A Young Lady by Gilbert Stuart The Green Dress by William McGregor Paxton Woman In Green Dress by Lee Lufkin Kaula Lady


Hunters in the Snow (Winter) by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1565 Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters by Hendrick Avercamp, ca 1608 Megalith Grave near Vordingborg in Winter by Johan Christian Dahl, between 1824 and 1825 Travellers in a Snowdrift Print by William Turner, ca 1829 First Snow Along the Hudson River oil on canvas painting

In The Garden

Mr. And Mrs. Andrews, by Thomas Gainsborough Sir George and Lady Strickland in the Park in Boynton Hall by Arthur Devis Sir Nathaniel and Lady Caroline Curzon, by Arthur Devis A detail of The English Garden In Caserta, by Jacob-Philippe Hackert A Tender Moment In The Garden, by Federico Andreotti Lady in a Garden by