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Historical Reads: The Edwardian Gamekeeper

Author Evangeline Holland shares an interesting article explaining how an English gamekeeper lived during the Edwardian era. To quote: The position of a gamekeeper in England is a curious one. Admittedly he is among the most skilled and highly trained workers of the The country-side. His intimate knowledge of wild life commands respect. Often he

Historical Reads: American VS English Etiquette

Over at Edwardian Promenade, author Evangeline Holland discusses the different rules of etiquette in England and America during the Edwardian period. To quote: Tea In England, there were two types of tea: “great teas” and “little teas”, with the “high” or “meat” teas coming under the former, and afternoon tea falling under the latter. High

Historical Reads: Weddings In The Edwardian Era

Evangeline, author of the Edwardian Promenade website, has written an interesting article on weddings in the Edwardian era. To quote: The most important parts of the wedding were the bride’s gown and trousseau. The traditional attire for a bride was a gown of soft, rich cream-white satin, trimmed simply or elaborately with lace, a wreath