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Rosalie Filleul

Born Anne-Rosalie Bouquet in Paris in 1753, she was the daughter of Blaise Bouquet, the owner of a bric-a-brac shop and an ornamental painter. Rosalie inherited a talent for art, which she showed at a very early age. Her favourite medium was pastels, because of their fresh and delicate colours. In the 1770s, when she

Princess Of Lichtenstein’s scandalous feet

In her memoirs, famous painter Vigée Le Brun recalls how her portrait of the Princess of Lichtenstein, which she painted in 1793 while in Austria, scandalized her family: As soon as spring came I took a little house in a village near Vienna and went to settle there. This village, called Huitzing, was adjacent to

Madame Vigée LeBrun Meets Empress Catherine II

In 1795, famous portraitist Elizabeth Vigée LeBrun travelled to St. Petersburg, where she was introduced to the Empress Catherine The Great. Here’s how the painter recalls their meeting in her memoirs: I was far from recovered from all my fatigue – since the term of my residence in St. Petersburg had been only twenty-four hours

Madame Vigée Le Brun On Catherine The Great

A while ago, I posted Madame Vigée Le Brun’s thoughts about her first meeting with the Russian Empress Catherine The Great. The portraitist spent a lot of time in Russia and had the chance to meet the Empress several more times and form her own opinion about this autocrat. Here’s what she wrote in her

Catherine II’s Death

Famous French portraitist Madame Vigée LeBrun spent six years in Russia, a country she seemed to have genuinely loved. During her stay she got to meet the Empress Catherine II several times. I have already posted about their first meeting and her recollections and thoughts about this autocrat. In this last instalment, Madame Vigée LeBrun

Madame Vigee Lebrun On Madame Du Barry

Madame Du Barry was the last mistress of King Louis XV. After the King’s death, she retired to the Château de Louveciennes and it is here that, a few years before the start of the French Revolution, Madame Vigée LeBrun, one of the most famous and successful portraitists of her time, painted the former courtesan.

Madame Vigée Lebrun On Lady Hamilton

Lady Emma Hamilton, born Amy Lyons, lead a very interesting life. She was a maid, an artist’s model, a courtesan, but is best remembered as the mistress and love of Lord Nelson. French artist Madame Vigée Lebrun met and painted her when she visited Italy. Here’s what she says about Lady Hamilton in her memoirs:

Madame Vigée Le Brun on Marie Antoinette

Madame Vigéè Le Brun was one of the most famous and sough-after portraitists of her time. She was also a favourite of Marie Antoinette and, over the years, Madame Vigéè Le Brun, would paint numerous portraits of this tragic Queen. Her paintings have become so iconic that, when we think of Marie Antoinette today, we