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Courtship and Marriage

Today, dating seems to have no rules anymore. But, once, in Victorian America, if you wanted to court a woman, you had to do it properly. Here’s how: A GENTLEMAN’S CONDUCT TOWARD LADIESYoung people of either sex, who have arrived at mature age, and who are not engaged, have the utmost freedom in their social

Wedding Etiquette

The circumstances under which weddings take place are so varied, and the religious forms observed in their solemnization so numerous, that to lay down rules applicable to all cases would be a matter of great difficulty, if not an impossibility. Consequently only those forms of marriage attended with the fullest ceremonies, and all the attendant

47 Washington’s Maxims

1. Every action in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those present. 2. In the presence of others sing not to yourself with a humming voice, nor drum with your fingers or feet. 3. Speak not when others speak, sit not when others stand, and walk not when others stop. 4.

A Wedding Anniversary Guide

The custom of celebrating anniversary weddings has, of late years, been largely practiced, and they have become a very pleasant means of social reunion among the relatives and friends of both husband and wife. Often this is the only reason for celebrating them, and the occasion is sometimes taken advantage of to give a large

How disagreeable!: Etiquette At Versailles

The Queen’s toilet was a masterpiece of etiquette; everything was done in a prescribed form. Both the dame d’honneur and the dame d’atours usually attended and officiated, assisted by the first femme de chambre and two ordinary women. The dame d’atours put on the petticoat, and handed the gown to the Queen. The dame d’honneur

Hints Of Drawing Room Etiquette For Gentlemen

We know not why fashion and etiquette should be considered exclusively feminine; both ladies and gentleman mingle in the great arena in which fashion is supposed to be displayed, called society, and certainly no lady will deny that her studies of the arts and graces taught by fashion would be deprived of all or at

Street Etiquette

CONDUCT IN CHURCH A gentleman should remove his hat upon entering the auditorium.When visiting a strange church, you should wait in the vestibule until an usher appears to show you to a seat.A gentleman may walk up the aisle either a little ahead of, or by the side of a lady, allowing the lady to

Lord Chesterfield’s Avice To His Son

Neglected in his own childhood, Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, had determined to give his illegitimate son Philip a good education. He, therefore, wrote him many letters, giving advice on all kinds of matters, from deportment to morals, from etiquette to books. Lord Chesterfield never thought anyone but Philip would see his letters, but

Etiquette Of Travelling

There is nothing that tests the natural politeness of men and women so thoroughly as traveling. We all desire as much comfort as possible and as a rule are selfish. In these days of railroad travel, when every railway is equipped with elegant coaches for the comfort, convenience and sometimes luxury of its passengers, and

The Man Of Fashion

Let’s face it. Etiquette manuals can be very a bit boring, can’t they? Well, not The Laws Of Etiquette by A Gentleman. Published in 1836, it is written in a very witty and satirical tone that, while explaining the laws of etiquette, also highlights how absurd they can sometimes be. In Chapter 14, the author