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We Are A People Of Heroes

“We are a people of heroes”, said an once popular fascist song. The most prominent members of the fascist regime certainly liked to think of themselves as heroes, and they had the medals to prove it. Or not? Well, they definitely had the medals, but they usually weren’t honestly earned. Still, for some people, appearances

Parasitic Relatives

“I want to know how many they are and how much money they siphoned out of me!,” said Mussolini to De Cesare, his secretary. He was talking about his relatives. Tired of their continuous requests for money, offices, and privileges, Mussolini ordered, towards the end of 1942, an inquest on all those relatives who had

Book Review: Intervista Sul Fascismo By Renzo De Felice

Renzo De Felice firmly believed that historians should “reconstruct” and write history as it really happened, based on the documents and testimonials left by the people who made it, and not how they may wish it had happened. Because of this, his work on fascism and Mussolini has been highly and unjustly criticized in Italy.