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Historical Reads: The A to Z of life in Pompeii

What was life like for the Romans who lived in Pompeii? History Extra investigates: C is for cafe cultureThe latest estimate reckons that there were about 200 cafes and bars in the town altogether – about one for every 60 residents. A counter usually ran along the street to catch the passing trade, selling cheap

Mrs Austen’s Pudding Recipe

Martha Lloyd was a close friend of the Austen family. Cassandra, Jane’s mother, even contributed to the book of recipes she wrote at Chawthon. Here’s her entry: If the vicar you treat,You must give him to eat,A pudding to hit his affection;And to make his repast,By the canon of taste,Be the present receipt your direction.

Foods For The Sick

When I was little, whenever I was sick, my mum would give me chicken soup, buttered rice, and slices of banana. Even today, I rememeber these dishes fondly, and, the rare times I’m ill, I still crave them. They instantly lift my mood as I reminisce about when being ill meant staying home from school

Iced Puddings, A La Royal Family

An ice cream is a delicious way to cool you off when you’re feeling hot. Like in the summer, when the temperatures are scorching. Or after hours of dancing at a ball or party. Ice creams (or ice puddings, as they were then called) were commonly served at such occasions during the Victorian era. Ice

Four Ancient Roman Recipes

Have you ever wondered what the ancient Romans ate? Poor people usually ate only what was available locally, and thus cheap, but rich Romans could afford to buy expensive food that came from all parts of their vast empire. Here are four recipes you would have very liked tasted if you had been invited to