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Historical Reads: The Jigsaw Or Dissecting Puzzle

Over at Jane Austen’s World, Vic discusses the history of the jigsaw puzzle At the turn of the 18th century, British companies began to make toys that are still favorites today: toy soldiers, farmyards, wooden building blocks, steam engines, and kaleidoscopes. The toymaking industry began to boom, making mass-produced toys cheap enough to afford. By

Victorian Children’s Rhyming Games

In the Victorian era, children, unless they were rich, didn’t have many toys to play with. A lot of them worked, but they still had time to play outdoors (their houses very too small and their families too big to allow them to play inside). They played simple games with whatever they could find and

Toys And Games In Ancient Rome

Have you ever wondered what toys the Ancient Romans had and what games they played? Surprisingly (or maybe not), they are pretty similar to the ones we play with nowadays. Of course, there were no video games, the choice of materials was limited and most children didn’t have a lot of toys to play with