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Fashions For November 1831

Hello everyone, are you curious to know what dress styles were fashionable in November 1831 in England and France? Then, let’s take a look at some of these dresses below, shall we? I have to admit the only dress I like is the English dinner dress. The color is beautiful and I love the ferroniere

Fashions For July, August And September 1819

Hello everyone, today I want to show you some prints of beautiful dresses fashionable women would have worn in 1819. Unfortunately, they are all in black and white, but I hope you will enjoy them anyway. I really like this style of dress. The waist is still very high and the sleeves aren’t as huge

Fashions For September & October 1817

Hello everyone, curious to know what fashionable and stylish ladies wore in the autumn of 1817? Then take a look at these fashion plates. Aren’t these dresses gorgeous? I love their style and colour. What about you? SEPTEMBER BRIGHTON WALKING DRESS Jaconot muslin round dressover a French grey sarsnet slip. The dress is richly worked

Fashions For Winter 1817

Hello everyone, today’s prints are particularly interesting because they don’t just show what dress styles were fashionable in the winter of 1817, but they were taken from clothes actually bought and worn by one of the magazine’s subscribers. Apparently, they were purchased from a certain Mrs Bell’s in St. James’s-street. I can’t help but wonder

Fashions For January 1832

Today I want to show you some more prints of dresses women would have worn in January 1832. Unfortunately, they are in black and white but I think they are very beautiful anyway. The day dresses of this period still have sleeves that are insanely big at the top and very narrow at the wrist,