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Short Book Reviews: Case Closed & Sisters Of The Bruce

Hello everyone, today I’m reviewing two very different books. The first is an essay on the assassination on John F Kennedy, while the second a historical novel about the sisters of the Scottish king Robert The Bruce. Are they worth picking up? Let’s see: Case Closed by Gerald PosnerJohn F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee

Book Review: The Lady Elizabeth By Alison Weir

Synopsis:Even at age two, Elizabeth is keenly aware that people in the court of her father, King Henry VIII, have stopped referring to her as “Lady Princess” and now call her “the Lady Elizabeth.” Before she is three, she learns of the tragic fate that has befallen her mother, the enigmatic and seductive Anne Boleyn,

Book Review: Mistress Of The Revolution by Catherine Delors

Synopsis:An impoverished noblewoman, Gabrielle de Montserrat is only fifteen when she meets her first love, a commoner named Pierre-Andrè Coffinhal. But her brother forbids their union, forcing her instead to marry an ageing, wealthy cousin. Widowed and a mother before the age of twenty, Gabrielle arrives at the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette