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Book Reviews: The Pride Of The Peacock & The Story Of Music

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I’m reviewing a classic historical romance written by the queen of the “romantic suspence” genre Victoria Holt, and a new nonfiction book about the history of Western music. Enjoy! The Pride Of The Peacock by Victoria HoltTurn-of-the-century England. Jessica Clavering is born into an old but impoverished family. One day,

Book Reviews: Queen Elizabeth’s Daughter, Her Ladyship’s Guide To Good Manners, & Demystifying Success

Hello everyone, ready for today’s book reviews? The first book is a Tudor romance, the second an etiquette manual, and the third a guide that will help young adults succeed in life. Let’s get started: Queen Elizabeth’s Daughter by Anne Clinard BarnhillNope, the title doesn’t refer to a fictional daughter of Elizabeth I. This is

Book Review: Vanquished by Hope Tarr

Synopsis:Known as The Maid of Mayfair for her unassailable virtue, unwavering resolve, and quiet dignity, suffragette leader, Caledonia —Callie — Rivers is the perfect counter for detractors’ portrayal of the women as rabble rousers, lunatics, even whores. But a high-ranking enemy within the government will stop at nothing to ensure that the Parliamentary bill to

Book Review: The Black Moth By Georgette Heyer

Synopsis:The Black Moth is Georgette Heyer’s first novel, written when she was 17 years old to amuse her sick brother. It features Jack Carstares—an Earl turned highwayman—and his enemy—the enigmatic Duke of Andover—who engage in an intense rivalry over society beauty Diana Beauleigh…Seven years before our story opens, Carstares protected his brother by allowing himself