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The Tudor Wife

Was George and Jane Boleyn’s marriage really unhappy? Danielle Marchant, author of Tourmens de Mariage, the second book in The Lady Rochford Saga (out on 19th May), dispells the myths: My new novella “Tourmens de Mariage” – which in French means “The Torments of Marriage” – is Part 2 of “The Lady Rochford Saga”, telling

The Execution Of Catherine Howard

On this day in history, 13th February 1542, Queen Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII, was executed at the Tower of London. Her crime? She was found guilty of having committed adultery with Thomas Culpeper and hiding her colourful past from the king. This meant that, even if Catherine, like she swore, had

Book Review: Jane Boleyn By Julia Fox

Eric Ives once said that “what we know about Mary Boleyn can be written on a postcard with rooms to spare”. The same could be said for her sister-in-law, Jane Boleyn. We know so little about Jane that every biography of her must rely more on suppositions than facts. Therefore, when author Julia Fox set