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Master Crewe As Henry VIII

Estelle M. Hurll thus describes this portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds: Henry VIII. had been dead some two hundred years before the Master Crewe of our picture was born, but English kings are not allowed to be forgotten. Successive generations of children were shown Holbein’s portraits of the bluff old ruler, and were taught something


John Campbell, 3rd Earl of Breadalbane by Charles Jervas George IV by David Wilkie, 1829 Colonel William Gordon by Pompeo Batoni, 1765 Sir James Macdonald & Sir Alexander Macdonald by William Mosman, c.1749 Portrait of a Jacobite Lady (Jenny Cameron?) by Cosmo Alexander, 1740-1750 Portrait of John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore by Sir Joshua

Female Harpists

Music “is certainly a very great Accomplishment to the LADIES; it refines the Taste, polishes the Mind; and is an Entertainment, without other Views, that preserves them from the Rust of Idleness, that most pernicious Enemy to Virtue.” John Essex, 1722.  Young ladies, in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, were expected to be musically