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Ruling Advice From An Uncle

A few days before King William IV of England died, his niece and heir, Princess Victoria, received a letter from her maternal uncle, King Leopold I of the Belgian. It contained some friendly advice on how to behave once on the throne: Laeken, 17th June 1837 My beloved Child,—… I shall to-day enter on the

On King Charles X Of France And Maligned Royals

In a letter to her niece, Princess Victoria, Leopold I of the Belgians remembers the unfortunate King of France Charles X and muses on the injustices history, newspapers, and ignorant politicians do to royals: Laeken, 18th November 1836 … Poor Charles X. is dead, it is said of the cholera. I regret him; few people

Death Of Prince Albert

On 14th December 1861, Queen Victoria lost Prince Albert, the love of her life. A few days later, on the 20th, the Queen poured out her grief in a letter to their uncle, King Leopold Of Belgium: Osborne, 20th December 1861 My own dearest, kindest Father,—For as such have I ever loved you! The poor

A Queen’s Education

King Leopold I of the Belgians advised his niece, Queen Victoria, to study history: Laeken, 18th October 1834 My dearest Love,—I am happy to learn that Tunbridge Wells has done you good. Health is the first and most important gift of Providence; without it we are poor, miserable creatures, though the whole earth were our

Leopold I, King Of The Belgians, On His Second Wife

On 9th August, Leopold I, King of the Belgians and Queen Victoria’s maternal uncle, married Louise Marie, Princess of Orleans, daughter of King Louis Philippe of France. A few weeks later, Leopold wrote about Louise to his niece: Laeken,10 31st August 1832 My dearest Love,—You told me you wished to have a description of your

Some Particulars Illustrative Of The Character Of Prince Leopold Of Saxe-Coburg

The July 1816 edition of the Repository Of Arts, Literature, Fashions, Manufactures &, contains an interesting article on the education, hobbies and personality of Prince Leopold Of Saxe-Coburg, who had recently married the heiress to the British throne, Princess Charlotte Of Wales. The unfortunate princess would die the following year, shortly after giving birth to