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The Geffrye, Museum Of The Home

© Iridescenti So, what does a history nerd do when she moves to London? Goes museum hunting, of course. And, here, museums abound. But they aren’t all famous like the British Museum or National Portrait Gallery. Some are smaller, tucked away in some busy, little known corner of this metropolis. Such is the case with

London Town, By Canaletto

Westminster Bridge, with the Lord Mayor’s Procession on the Thames, 1746 London: Westminster Abbey, with a Procession of Knights of the Bath, 1749 The Thames and the City, 1747 Greenwich Hospital from the north bank of the Thames, Canaletto, 1750 – 52 London: The Thames from Somerset House Terrace towards the City St Paul’s Cathedral

The Costs of Living Abroad in London

Living in London has always been expensive. Evangeline Holland, author of Edwardian Promenade, gives us an idea of just how expensive it was in the Edwardian era. To quote: Life in London “chambers” has romantic associations with the old Inns of Court and ancient and somnolent city squares, where one can live in the atmosphere

Reliquies Of Old London Suburbs North Of The Thames

In the last years of the 19th century, T.R. Way published a series of volumes illustrating the historical houses and “reliquies” , once inhabited by royals, artists, poets and other famous figures of their times, that could still be seen in London. Here are a few that adorned the suburbs north of the Thamas: CROMWELL

Historical Reads: London In War-Time

Edwardian Promenade has shared an interesting article about London in war-time. To quote: London in war-time is quite a different London, although at the station there were taxis and small boys to carry our luggage. As usual, the first thing to do was to visit the police, and this time, the Consul, too, for we