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Louis XVI: His Childhood And Education

Louis Auguste de France, Duke of Berry and future king Louis XVI, was born on 23rd August 1754. Little is known about his early years. The baby just wasn’t important enough to have his every step and move recorded. He was only the second son of the Dauphin Louis of France and his second wife

Life In The Temple Prison

The Temple had been, as its name imported, the fortress and palace of the Knights Templars, and, having been erected by them in the palmy days of their wealth and magnificence, contained spacious apartments, and extensive gardens protected from intrusion by a lofty wall, which surrounded the whole. It was not, unfit for, nor unaccustomed

How disagreeable!: Etiquette At Versailles

The Queen’s toilet was a masterpiece of etiquette; everything was done in a prescribed form. Both the dame d’honneur and the dame d’atours usually attended and officiated, assisted by the first femme de chambre and two ordinary women. The dame d’atours put on the petticoat, and handed the gown to the Queen. The dame d’honneur

Madame Campan On Louis XVI

The features of Louis XVI were noble enough, though somewhat melancholy in expression; his walk was heavy and unmajestic; his person greatly neglected; his hair, whatever might be the skill of his hairdresser, was soon in disorder. His voice, without being harsh, was not agreeable; if he grew animated in speaking he often got above

Madame Elisabeth Of France (Part 1)

Élisabeth Philippine Marie Hélène de France, the younger sister of future King Louis XVI, was born on 3rd May 1764. Her parents, the Dauphin Louis of France and his second wife Marie-Josèphe of Saxony, were devoted to each other and often showed their affection in public, something that was frowned upon at the time. Elisabeth

Madame Elisabeth Of France (Part 2)

Madame Elisabeth‘s tranquil and pious life was marred by tragedy in 1787, when her niece Sophie, the youngest daughter of her brother Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, died. The royal couple lost another child in June 1789, the Dauphin Louis-Joseph. They were devastated. Madame Elisabeth tried to comfort the grieving parents, unaware that

A Hairdo Fit For Sleigh Drives

The Correspondance Secrete, on 9 January 1775, reported the hairdo worn by Marie Antoinette on her sleigh rides: The Queen has invented for her sleigh drives a headgear which combines well with the Ques aco but which brings into fashion a feminine head-dress of a prodigious height. These head-dresses represent high mountains, flowery meadows, silvery

Two Examples Of The Absurb Etiquette At Versailles

I’ve already posted about the stiff, intricate and often absurd rules of etiquette that regulated life at Versailles and against which Marie Antoinette often rebelled. Here are a couple more examples: The Queen could drink nothing by night or by day but from the hand of the highest in rank of the women present, nor