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Marie-Therese Of France: Life in Austria

On 19th December 1795, Marie Therese, the only surviving child of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, finally freed from her prison, boarded a carriage that was to take her to her relatives in Austria. The journey was full of danger, forcing the august passenger to travel incognito. It was feared that anti-royalists would try to

Marie Therese Of France: Exile

Marie Therese of France had been brutally separated from her family during the French Revolution. Her parents, her little brother and her aunt Elisabeth had all been killed, while the luckiest members of the family had managed to escape abroad. The forsaken princess had spent endless months in her Temple prison wondering what had happened

Marie Therese Of France: Return Home

April 1814 was almost drawing to a close, when crowds of cheering people assembled in Calais to welcome the return of the Borboun family. It was with some trepidation that Marie Therese set foot on her native soil again. The warm reception both moved and disconcerted her. She was obviously happy to be home but