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Madame Campan On Louis XVI

The features of Louis XVI were noble enough, though somewhat melancholy in expression; his walk was heavy and unmajestic; his person greatly neglected; his hair, whatever might be the skill of his hairdresser, was soon in disorder. His voice, without being harsh, was not agreeable; if he grew animated in speaking he often got above

Let Down Your Lappets, Or The Countess Will Expire

Madame De Noailles, Marie Antoinette’s chief lady-in-waiting, was a stickler for etiquette. For that reason, her young mistress, who couldn’t stand the rigidity of the old countess, nicknamed her Madame L’Etiquette. Madame de Campan in her memoirs relates an episode that shows just how obsessed Madame De Noailles was it: This respectable lady, who was

Louis XV And His Daughters

Madame Campan remembers: Louis XV saw very little of his family. He came every morning by a private staircase into the apartment of Madame Adelaide. He often brought and drank there coffee that he had made himself. Madame Adelaide pulled a bell which apprised Madame Victoire of the King’s visit; Madame Victoire, on rising to