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I Would Have Thrown Myself At The Feet Of Zamor

In her memoirs, Madame Campan remembers many of Marie Antoinette’s good and charitable deeds. Here’s an example of her benevolence: In the month of July, 1770, an unfortunate occurrence that took place in a family which the Dauphiness honoured with her favour contributed again to show not only her sensibility but also the benevolence of

Marie Antoinette Acknowledges Madame Du Barry

Marie Antoinette first saw Madame du Barry, King Louis XV’s mistress, at a dinner at La Muette. It was the day before her wedding to the Dauphin, and the mistress’ presence at the event had caused a lot of discontent. Not that the King cared. “She’s pretty and she pleases me,” was all he would

Madame Vigee Lebrun On Madame Du Barry

Madame Du Barry was the last mistress of King Louis XV. After the King’s death, she retired to the Château de Louveciennes and it is here that, a few years before the start of the French Revolution, Madame Vigée LeBrun, one of the most famous and successful portraitists of her time, painted the former courtesan.