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Madame Elisabeth Of France (Part 1)

Élisabeth Philippine Marie Hélène de France, the younger sister of future King Louis XVI, was born on 3rd May 1764. Her parents, the Dauphin Louis of France and his second wife Marie-Josèphe of Saxony, were devoted to each other and often showed their affection in public, something that was frowned upon at the time. Elisabeth

Madame Elisabeth Of France (Part 3)

In July 1793, the revolutionary government decided that the Dauphin should be separated from his family. Marie Antoinette fought like a tiger to prevent it, but to no avail. When they threatened her daughter too, she gave in. The distraught Queen would spend hours at a little window hoping to see a glimpse of her

Madame Elisabeth Of France (Part 2)

Madame Elisabeth‘s tranquil and pious life was marred by tragedy in 1787, when her niece Sophie, the youngest daughter of her brother Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, died. The royal couple lost another child in June 1789, the Dauphin Louis-Joseph. They were devastated. Madame Elisabeth tried to comfort the grieving parents, unaware that