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Madame Victoire Of France

The birth of a child is always a joyous event, but an expensive one too. And that’s true for kings too. Especially kings of France. Etiquette required that every princess was to have her own household, with hundreds of attendants taking care of her every need and whim. The cost to keep it running was

Madame Victoire’s Religious Scruples

Like many Christians, Madame Victoire, daughter of King Louis XV of France, struggled with the privations of Lent, as Madame Campan, recorded in her memoirs: Madame Victoire, good, sweet-tempered, and affable, lived with the most amiable simplicity in a society wherein she was much caressed; she was adored by her household. Without quitting Versailles, without

Louis XV And His Daughters

Madame Campan remembers: Louis XV saw very little of his family. He came every morning by a private staircase into the apartment of Madame Adelaide. He often brought and drank there coffee that he had made himself. Madame Adelaide pulled a bell which apprised Madame Victoire of the King’s visit; Madame Victoire, on rising to