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The Historical Gift Guide 2014

Hello everyone, have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If you’re still looking for the perfect present for a history lover, check out these adorable gifts below: Marie Antoinette ship inspired fascinator ($92.84) Delysse Bouquet Du Trianon Candle (£37.00) Personalized Anne Boleyn style necklace ($50.00) Literary & Co Jane Austen Tea (a blend of earl

Marie Antoinette’s Adopted Children

Marie Antoinette loved children. She couldn’t wait to have a bunch of her own, and the lack of intimacy, and therefore children, in her marriage must have been very hard for her to bear. But she found other ways to be a “mother”. When she first arrived at Versailles, she often asked her ladies-in-waiting to

Was The Dark Countess Really Marie Therese Of France?

In 1807, a mysterious couple arrived in Hildburghausen, Germany. The young, blonde-haired woman always wore a veil to cover her face. Her companion, an older man, had an aristocratic air, and acted as her protector. His name, the one scribbled on the letters he received, was Count Vavel de Versay. He was later identified as

The Dauphin’s Character

After the Duchess de Polignac had fled France at the beginning of the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette appointed the Marchioness de Tourze as governess to her children. “Madame,” said she, “I formerly intrusted my children to friendship; to-day I intrust them to virtue.” She then wrote her a letter in which she candidly and honestly

Last Night At The Opera

Grace Dalrymple Elliott was a Scottish socialite who resided in Paris at the time of the French Revolution, which almost cost her her head. Although she had been the mistress of the Duke of Orléans, she felt sympathy for the rest of the French Royal family, as this passage, taken from her autobiography Ma Vie

I Would Have Thrown Myself At The Feet Of Zamor

In her memoirs, Madame Campan remembers many of Marie Antoinette’s good and charitable deeds. Here’s an example of her benevolence: In the month of July, 1770, an unfortunate occurrence that took place in a family which the Dauphiness honoured with her favour contributed again to show not only her sensibility but also the benevolence of

7 Perfumes Inspired By Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette and perfumes have long been two obsessions of mine. So I’m always thrilled when I come across a perfume inspired by the charming Queen of France, and she has inspired a lot of them! Not surprisingly, they are all floral concoctions that pay homage to both her fragrant gardens in bloom and her

Forging The Queen’s Signature

Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy, “Comtesse de la Motte”, wasn’t the only one to forge Marie Antoinette’s signature. Mme. Cahouet did so too. Although the kind Queen graciously forgave her, others didn’t and she was sent to the Bastille, where her health deteriorated: Victoire Wallard, wife of Pierre-Louis-Rene Cahouet de Villers, General Treasurer of the Kino’s Household,