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Marie Therese Of France: A Recap

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed my series on Marie Therese of France, the daughter of the unfortunate Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. One of my readers has asked me to compile all the posts in a single one so that you can catch any you may have missed or quickly find all the links

Marie Therese Of France: Childhood

Marie-Therese’s birth was a disappointment for everyone but her parents. It took Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI seven years to conceive, and when, on 19th December 1778, courtiers crowded in the Queen’s bedchamber to witness the birth of the baby, it wasn’t the long-awaited dauphin that made his appearance into this world, but a healthy,

Marie Therese Of France: Revolution

The royal family arrived at the Tuileries Palace on 6th October 1789, at around 10:30 pm, after a long and exhausting journey. Tired and bewildered, that night the family had to sleep on rags, chairs and tables. The Palace, in fact, wasn’t ready for their arrival. It hadn’t been inhabited since the time of Louis

Marie Therese Of France: Prisoner

After the monarchy had fallen on 10th August 1792, the royal family was transferred to the Temple Enclosure, which, as the Queen rightly guessed, would become their prison. The guards became even more insulting, singing offensive songs in front of the family and even threatening to kill the King and Queen, which greatly terrified the

The Birth of Madame Royale

After eight years of marriage, Marie Antoinette gave birth to her first child. Hundreds of courtiers were present at the birth. At the time at Versailles, Queens and princesses of the blood were required to give birth in public to prevent the baby being swapped and thus compromising the succession should he (French laws only