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The Lady Mary Submits To Her Father

22 June 1536 was a black day for the Lady Mary, the only surviving child of Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. She finally submitted to her father’s request to accept him as the Supreme Head of the Church in England, and, even worse for the young girl, the invalidity of her

Historical Reads: Anne Boleyn and Bloody Mary

Claire Ridgway, over at The Anne Boleyn Files, takes a close look at the relationship between Anne Boleyn and her step-daughter Mary. To quote: There is evidence that Anne did try and forge a relationship with the defiant Mary. On one occasion in 1534, she visited Elizabeth’s household by herself and asked to see Mary.

Eustace Chapuys

Ambassadors to foreign courts are rarely remembered, but the name Eustace Chapuys is familiar to any lover of Tudor history. A champion of Catherine of Aragon and her daughter Mary, Chapuys has left behind him lots of letters and dispatches about one of the most tumultuous periods of English history. Although often easily dismissed as

The Lady Mary Writes To Thomas Cromwell

The Lady Mary, the only daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, had always blamed Anne Boleyn for her parents’ divorce and the subsequent ill-treatment she had received from her father. On 26th May 1536, a week’s after Anne’s execution, Mary wrote to Thomas Cromwell, asking him to intercede on her behalf with her

The Birth Of Mary I

On 18 February 1516 , at 4:00 am, at the Palace of Placentia in Greenwich, Queen Catherine, holding in her hands the belt of Saint Catherine to ease the pain of a long labour and pray for a safe delivery, finally gave birth to a bouncing and healthy baby. This was the Queen’s sixth pregnancy

Philip of Spain Arrives in England

At 37 years old, Mary I of England was finally going to get married. She couldn’t wait but her betrothed, Prince Philip of Spain, wasn’t as enthusiastic about the match. His reasons for the marriage were entirely political. He needed English support for his war against the French and hoped to reunify the English Church

Mary I Marries Philip Of Spain

On Wednesday, 25 July 1554, Mary I of England married Philip of Spain at Winchester Cathedral. The cathedral, which was decorated with rich tapestries, was packed with courtiers and dignitaries, while the common people were waiting outside. Philip, preceded by his nobles, was the first two arrive, at about 10am. He then went to sit

Wyatt’s Rebellion

Mary I’s decision to marry Philip of Spain was very unpopular. The English, in fact, feared that Philip would be their ruler and turn their country into “another Habsburg milch cow”*. These fears were also shared by Parliament, who tried to dissuade the Queen from the match and convince her to marry Edward Courtenay, Earl

A Contemporary Description Of Mary I

Giovanni Michieli, the Venetian ambassador to the English court, thus describes Queen Mary I: She is of low rather than of middling stature, but, although short, she has not personal defect in her limbs, nor is any part of her body deformed. She is of spare and delicate frame, quite unlike her father, who was

Historical Reads: The Birth of “Bloody Mary”

Bloody Mary is the nickname history has given to Mary I of England, the daughter of Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragorn. But is it deserved? Nancy Bilyeau ponders the question and explains how Mary acquired her bad reputation: The succession crisis over James, Duke of York, directly led to the vilification