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Fashions For 1812

Hello ladies, I haven’t posted any fashion plates in ages. Time to remedy that, don’t you think? Here are a few that shows us what a fashionable lady would have worn in the first half of 1812: FEBRUARY EVENING COSTUME An amber crape dress Out white sarsnet, trimmed with pearls or white beads, with a

Fashions For January 1808

What would a fashionable English lady would have worn in the cold winter month of January 1808? Here are a couple of suggestions: A Morning Dress A round cambric gown, a walking length, with short full sleeve, and puckered cuff, buttoned or laced down the back, and made high round the neck, with a full

Fashions For August 1829

Hello everyone, today we’re gonna take a look at what fashions were popular in the summer of 1829. There’s even an image of a wedding dress. Enjoy! AUGUST WEDDING DRESS A Round dress of Brussels lace over a slip of white gros de Tours; the body of the slip is cut low and square; the