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Marie Louise’s Wedding Dress

On 2 April 1810, Marie Louise Of Austria walked down the aisle at the “Salon Carré” turned chapel, in the Palais De Tuileries, to marry Napoleon, the man she had been thaught to hate since she was little. To add to her uneasiness, she wore a dress entirely chosen and made for her in France

Making Fun Of Napoleon

There was no love lost between the English and Napoleon. In the years between the Corsican’s rise to power and his exile at St Helena, the English mercilessly made fun of him in lots of satirical prints. Here are a few: A POLITICAL FAIR A crowded fair-ground, full of spectators, attractions, performers, placards, and flags.

Pauline Fourès, Napoleon’s First Mistress

During the first years of their marriage, an infatuated Napoleon constantly begged his wife to accompany him on campaign trips, be they in the lively city of Milan or the unforgivable deserts of Egypt. Josephine always refused. She didn’t want to leave her comforts, her friends, her fun, and her lovers in Paris, to go

Book Review: Becoming Josephine By Heather Webb

Synopsis:A sweeping historical debut about the Creole socialite who transformed herself into an empress.Readers are fascinated with the wives of famous men. In Becoming Josephine, debut novelist Heather Webb follows Rose Tascher as she sails from her Martinique plantation to Paris, eager to enjoy an elegant life at the royal court. Once there, however, Rose’s

The Divorce Of Napoleon And Josephine

This month, in 1810, Napoleon divorced his first wife, and the love of his life, Josephine. Napoleon had met the recently widowed Josephine in September 1795 and had been instantly smitten with her. The following March they had tied the knot, but their marriage had been stormy from the start. Soon, it had become clear

Marie Therese Of France: Return Home

April 1814 was almost drawing to a close, when crowds of cheering people assembled in Calais to welcome the return of the Borboun family. It was with some trepidation that Marie Therese set foot on her native soil again. The warm reception both moved and disconcerted her. She was obviously happy to be home but