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Pauline And The Dentist

Despite being married to Camillo Borghese, Napoleon’s sister Pauline had many lovers. Instead of conducting her affairs discreetly, she and her lovers behaved almost as if they had been a married couple and, unless people had seen pictures of her husband, they could easily mistake her latest conquest for her spouse. That’s exactly what happened

Why Did Pauline Bonaparte Cover Her Ears?

Pauline Bonaparte was considered one of the most beautiful women of her time, and she knew it. She loved to show off her body by wearing sheer dresses that didn’t leave much to the imagination but one thing she always kept covered, even when posing for paintings or sculptures such as the Venus Victrix statue

Book Review: Paolina Bonaparte by Antonio Spinosa

Pauline Bonaparte is a very fascinating and controversial historical figure. Napoleon’s favourite sister was charming, clever, insatiable, wild, dissolute and had lots of lovers. But she was also very loyal to her brother. When Napoleon fell, all the siblings he had placed on the thrones of one European country or another abandoned him. It was